Sometimes it's a good thing to get out of a routine, get out of the rut of driving the same way to work day after day after day.

Sometimes it's not.

Thanks to ol' Mother Nature (or no thanks!), while much of the greatest state in the nation was battling snow and snow and more snow, in our little corner of the world it was water. Several streets and intersections were closed due to the flooding. And thank you to the city folks that had 'Road Closed' signs up so we didn't get stuck in the middle of the lake that used to be the street. And as far as you people driving around the barricade....ugh.

So it was time to find an alternate route. How about trying over there? Nope, closed off. Well, this way might work...nope, water logged. Finally I found my way to I-229 and good golly, it was good! The usual traffic at 75-80 MPH was rolling along.

I made it! And I discovered something else on my travels.

My 'usual' route to work isn't the only streets with huge holes in them. It's 'dodge-the-pothole' on those alternative routes as well. It sure does slow me down, and I'm one of them old codgers that you honk at 'cause I drive slow to begin with. I know a few folks who've blown tires by hitting these beauties.

So it turned out to be a kind of pick-your-poison kind of ride. But there's hope. The water will go down (not soon enough, but soon) and the potholes will get filled. The ride to work will be smooth and routine. I'll be back in my routine, my rut.

Thank goodness.

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