The Perkins chain has been around since 1958. When I was a kid it used to be called Perkins Cake & Steak. They are now called Perkins Restaurant & Bakery.

Sioux Falls has three Perkins locations, but there is a fourth one on the way. Currently, there are Perkins at 2604 West 41st Street, 3400 South Gateway Boulevard, 5304 North Cliff Ave.

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According to Sioux Falls Business a new Perkins Restaurant & Bakery will be opening on the east side along Arrowhead Parkway in front of the east side Menards.

The reported construction is scheduled to start in April with the goal to hire over 100 people.

Perkins Restaurants had a rather humble beginning when Matt and Ivan Perkins didn't have much luck as gold prospectors in Alaska. However, they were darn good bakers.

While traveling, Matt came across Smitty’s Pancake House, which had a line around the building with people trying to go in. Matt’s curiosity pushed him inside and he struck up a conversation with Smitty.

Matt struck a deal with Smitty and got the rights to use the secret pancake recipe east of the Mississippi, with the exception of Pennsylvania and North and South Dakota.

Matt and Ivan Perkins opened their first Perkins Pancake House in Cincinnati, Ohio using their secret buttermilk pancake recipe and quickly gained the reputation for having the best pancakes in town!

Currently there are 369 Perkins locations around the United States with 13 being in South Dakota.

Source: Perkins Restaurants

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