The highest price ever paid in history for a single bull at an auction, took place recently at Mandan, North Dakota. The big Black Angus animal known as SAV America 8018 sold for $1.51 million at the sale held at the famous Schaff's Angus Valley ranch. As in, famous for their Angus livestock.

After a four minute long bidding war, the auctioneer's cry of, "Sold to that man right there", was pointed at bidder Charles Herbster. So who is this guy anyway, and why would he pay so much for the bull?

Herbster is a fifth-generation farmer, former gubernatorial candidate, president of the Conklin Company. and President Donald Trump's top ag adviser. He owns a ranch near Falls City, Nebraska, and that's where our big friend SAV America is on his way to.

Now, the good news for SAV America, is that he's not on his way to the meat market. In grocery store terms of $940 a pound, that would be a bad investment.

No, Mr. SAV America is destined to do a lot of breeding. He is an animal from a very special bloodline when it comes to this breed of cattle. And he will be given the treatment of a thoroughbred racehorse. Yes, this bull will have a good life.

As for the proud new owner's investment. The bull will make the new owner approximately $800,000 the first year, pay for himself in three and keep producing for ten.

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