If you're like me, and have young children. It is natural to be constantly concerned about the well being of your child.

Are they being exposed to the wrong things? Are bad examples in existence everywhere? And the list goes on and on.

What about video games. I mean, when major toy companies are going out of business because kids don't play with toys anymore, the world can get a little confusing to us parents.

Computer time is one thing to worry about. But what about a long time concern of too much TV time?

A lot of parents are accusing Netflix of basically bribing their kids to binge-watch TV shows. The streaming video service was offering what it called "patches" for some kids shows.

You can earn these collectible images only after watching a certain number of episodes of "Fuller House," "Trollhunter", or "A Series of Unfortunate Events."

Netflix said the collectible patches offered a more interactive experience and added an element of fun and something to show their friends. But parents didn't buy the idea, but instead became outraged.

As a result, Netflix has pulled the plug on the program. After testing the feature and enduring a sharp round of backlash, Netflix has announced that it will no longer reward kids for spending extra time on Netflix.

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