A female employee of Panera Bread recently lost her job after she posted a video of how Mac & Cheese is prepared at the restaurant.

In the video we see her taking out a frozen bag of mac & cheese then walking over and putting it into a commercial boiler to be reheated.

The video was orginally posted on Tik Tok, a social media video app, then also shared on Twitter. The video went viral and the young lady claims that she was then fired.

In response this was posted on her twitter page: “There was no wrongful termination. Having such long nails and my phone out is a risk to food safety and health regulations. Everything was completely justified. I made a mistake and i’ve learned from it. I will always love panera and their food.”

Some twitter responses posted include:

"I'm cool with it being prepared this way but then CHARGING ALMOST $7 FOR A SMALL BOWL?!?!?!? OK THEN"

"Y'all thought a chef was back there making pasta from scratch and hand grating cheese???"

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