I personally LOVE all of the current protest and statements being made by athletes as they try to promote positive change.

Whether that has been the anthem protests, equality statements, police/military support or any other positive stand, it has been encouraging to see so many athletes using their platform to if nothing else create dialogue on what needs to improve in this country.

Packers defensive back Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has been the latest to add support to the wonderful men and women who serve as police officers in the United States.

He has added the names of slain officers to his cleats so that not only is he reminded of the unbelievable sacrafice those officers have given, but that we too see those names and take a moment to realize it as well.

It is so unfortunate that the deaths of officers sometimes is the harsh reality of where we are currently at in this country with the divide becoming seemingly bigger everyday.

The fact though, that Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is realizing that divide and understands the importance and sacrifice of our citizens in the line of duty and to find his own way to carry on their memory is something we should all be happy to promote.

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