Before the kickoff for the Super Bowl I decided to take my video camera through the halls of Results Radio to find out which team will win the Big Game. I don't think I found what I was looking for.

I was fair. Heck, some of these folks finished quite high in our little pro football office pool. We even have Sports Leader - ESPN 99.1 down the hall. Apparently their brilliance did not seep into the netherworld of music and talk radio.

The creative answers ranged from the Minnesota Vikings (who, by the way, are not playing in post-season) to the food, Katy Perry, and the New York Yankees.

I'm so proud right now.

Except for the guy (we know it's you, Johnny) in the Seattle Seahawks coat, the general consensus was lackluster at best. Jeff from B102.7 might be the closest: the puppies could emerge victorious.

Who wins the Super Bowl XLIX? Vote below!

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