The 1970's, as far as country music is concerned, may well be remembered as the decade we were introduced to the 'Outlaw Movement'.

It may be remembered as a decade that was dominated by the now legendary Hall of Famer Conway Twitty.

It might be recalled as the decade we all got swept up into the CB Craze, thanks in the largest part to C.W. McCall and his mega-hit 'Convoy'.

And it was also the decade that gave us one of the most unusual love song's in Country Music history, by an artist that no one had ever heard of.

It was late in 1976, and through much of 1977, that millions of people were introduced to Mary McGregor.

The St. Paul, Minnesota-born singer was singing in bands as a teenager and during her years at the University of Minnesota.  Soon she was touring and caught the attention of folk music star's Peter, Paul, and Mary.

And indeed, it was Peter Yarrow from that trio that wrote the song that swept across America and around the world.

Titled 'Town Between Two Lovers', this was what might be termed a 'love song with a twist'.

Country music is, of course, filled with love songs.  Lasting love...fleeting won and lost...and famously, the cheating songs.

Well, 'Torn Between Two Lovers' took the 'cheating' song and turned it on it's head.  The singer has a husband...and a lover...and tells the husband she wants to keep them both.


Well, apparently it resonated with people because he topped the Pop charts, it topped the Adult Contemporary chart and became a Top Five country music smash.

Now, I'm not saying everyone identified with it....but they sure did love it!

Mary was never able to match the success of 'Torn Between Two Lovers', but she certainly did give us a song for the ages...and that is something we can thank her for.

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