Growing up South of Sioux City, in the very small town of Luton, there weren't a whole lot of restaurants around. However, one restaurant that was always a staple was B&R's Pizza Post in Sloan, Iowa.

Now Sloan was part of the Westwood School District, which was the arch nemesis of my school, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, but pizza would bridge this divide.

Anytime my school played Westwood, we would make a stop at Pizza Post. Brother had a baseball game in Sloan, better go to Pizza Post. We played Westwood for their Homecoming, I guess we are wearing our orange and black at the Pizza Post. (And hoped nobody would spit in our food.)

Recently, I learned that Pizza Post would be closing at the end of July! What?!?! I was shocked. My brother and I decided we needed to make a trip back for one last meal. My brother's birthday was July 6th, so Pizza Post for birthday dinner it is!!

Now, for me, the best thing at Pizza Post are the breadsticks. They are soft and fluffy and literally dripping with garlic butter! They are so good. I think I will miss them the most!

If you find yourself near Sloan, Iowa before July is over, do yourself a favor and check out B&R's Pizza Post!


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