Notre Dame Cathedral on Fire

Flames engulf the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. [@NewsBreaking/][/caption]UPDATE (2:15 PM): According to the BBC, the cause of the fire remains unknown, but "officials say that it could be linked to renovation work... Last year, the Catholic Church in France appealed for funds to save the building, which was crumbling."

CNN reports "The French Interior Ministry said 400 firefighters have been mobilized to deal with the Notre Dame blaze. The cathedral's iconic spire collapsed earlier this evening."

UPDATE (1:15 PM): According to the Associated Press: "The soaring spire of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has collapsed in flames, and a church spokesman says the entire wooden interior of the 12th century landmark is burning and likely to be destroyed."

According to the Associated Press, the legendary Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is on fire.

"An AP reporter at the scene of Monday's fire says the roof at the back of the cathedral, behind the nave, is in flames and yellow-brown smoke and ash fill the sky."

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, says firefighters are working to contain the fire, but the height of the cathedral is making fighting the fire difficult.

More information as it becomes available.

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