No, a visit to Paris is not even remotely on my bucket list, but if the creators of this spectacular new theme park near the "City of Light" ever bring a version of it to the U.S., I'll be saving up for a plane ticket to get there!

La Cite du Vin or City of Wine is scheduled to open in June on the banks of the Garonne River in Bordeaux wine country. It has traded the costumed characters, wacky fast food places and kid-friendly attractions for twenty themed areas that will interactively explore the history and culture of wine.

There is an astounding 10-story building whose every aspect is a tribute to wine. Like any great amusement park, however, it does have a simulator boat ride that allows you to experience what a maritime wine merchant may have encountered sailing the globe.

There are numerous restaurants and shops, a wine desk tour which sets up excursions to the areas wineries, a rotating roster of workshops and exhibitions and of course plenty of wine tasting. And, although you would think this is an adults only venue, they also offer grape juices for children, (should you choose to bore your kid to death by taking them there).

There aren't any hotels on the property, yet,  but if there were I'd wake up asking the question- -"Have I died and gone to heaven?"

Longue vie à vin et des gens qui boivent! (Long live wine and the people who drink it!)

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