As many Iowans continue to clean up from the devastating Flood of 2024, the Thunder Valley Pullers Board has made a major announcement regarding the upcoming Thunder in the Valley Tractor Pull in Rocky Valley, Iowa next week.

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In a press release, the Thunder Valley Pullers announced that due to the flood and its after-effects, this year's Thunder in the Valley, July 12 &13 will be Free Admission.

After much consideration, prayer, and consultation with multiple city leaders, the Valley Pullers board voted unanimously to proceed with the 2024 Thunder in the Valley Truck and Tractor Pull this coming July 12th and 13th!

Not only will it still happen, but it will be a FREE ADMISSION gate to all pulling fans that want to come and enjoy 3 big sessions of truck and tractor pulling!!!

A FREE WILL DONATION will be collected at the gate! 100% of the donations collected will be given to the Flood Victims and Relief Efforts of Rock Valley!

To the People of Rock Valley:

In the past 21 years of existence, God has allowed this tractor pull to grow into a great event in which we can raise money for our city and many of its projects. i.e. Project Youth Daycare, New Pool FUnd, City Park Renovation Project, Fire Department, Ambulance, Hospital etc... "If there is ever a time for this pull to support the people in our town in an even bigger way, it's this year", says Rich Rezeboom, President of the Valley Pullers!

While we have all been working tirelessly to recover from the tragedy that has hit our town, there have been many hours spent by outside people making things happen so we could consider having the event!

This past Saturday we had 80+ volunteers made up of pulling fans and tractor pullers from outside our community show up to clean the pulling arena and track which have provided us with a pulling facility that is ready to go! It is amazing!

For more information on this year's Tractor Pull, check out the Thunder in the Valley Website.

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