A new license plate could soon be adorning your vehicle.  South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard signed bill SB 118, allowing for a specialty plate featuring the new sculpture 'Dignity' which is located on I-90 at the Chamberlain exit.

Sturgis artist Dale Lamphere created the scuplture that was gifted to the state by the McKie family of Rapid City.

According to Patrick Callahan, the view of the scenery is a perfect backdrop to 'Dignity'

'Dignity' rises 50 feet into the air overlooking the Missouri River at Chamberlain and is easily accessible to visitors at the I-90 visitors center. The sculpture is lit at night and visible from the road from both directions, but trust me - you'll want to stop and spend some time observing the finer details of the nearly 50 ton stainless steel metal work.

There timing of the availability of the plates has not yet been determined.

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