There have been plenty of maps of downtown Sioux Falls over the years. However, there is a new map of the city that could inspire local artists to create new masterpieces.

Our friends at Pigeon605 got the exclusive about the new "map of opportunities" for Sioux Empire artists. This map shows that the City of Sioux Falls is literally a blank canvas for all artists to explore and bring creations to life.

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Sioux Falls urban planner Adam Roach sat down with Pigeon605 to talk about his new "Dead Space" Map of Sioux Falls. Adam explains he was inspired to create this map after a recent trip to Omaha and saw "creative reuses for underutilized spaces" in the city. Last summer, Adam along with his intern used Google Maps and "plenty of windshield time — 'down every street.' " This is the map they created:

Pigeon605 (with permission)
Pigeon605 (with permission)

So what are considered "dead spaces" in Sioux Falls? Dead space can be a building without windows or an area where people aren't likely to walk by. Adam explains to Pigeon605:

“Windowless structures don’t make people feel safe,” he said. “We consider that a dead space, a dead zone. Zero activity. A wall that will make you want to cross a street because it doesn’t feel safe. Anything uninviting.”

Some dead space areas around downtown include 10th and 11th Streets and Ninth Street between Phillips and Dakota Avenues. Adam Roach sees this map as a chance for the city to grow as a stronger art community.

“Within these old buildings, there are nooks and crannies, and opportunities for small retail to activate. Activity in public art, there’s a lot of opportunity for that. It’s a small, little thing. One piece of art could take a half-block and make it better. That’s what I hope to see — just more activity on areas people don’t generally walk down, maybe change pedestrian paths and make things more visually appealing to visitors.”

Adam has shared the map with the president of Downtown Sioux Falls Inc. Joe Batcheller. Joe says this map could be a good part of "the playbook for how we shape the future of downtown.”

You can read more about the new "Dead Space" map of Sioux Falls by clicking here.

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