If you haven't been paying attention to sports lately, there is a lot going on. Between the FIFA World Cup, college football Rivalry Week, and crazy NFL matchups, there are tons of games to watch on television.

It's hard to keep track of all the big sports moments! This could be the reason why people decide to check out sports bars during huge games. Multiple televisions, beer, and delicious bar food? It's hard to pass up. But where are the best sports bars to catch the game in Sioux Falls?

There are plenty of sports bars in Sioux Falls to visit for a beer or two. Thanks to reviews from Yelp, we were able to narrow down the top ten sports bars in Sioux Falls. Each bar is different and the list even includes a place for families to enjoy the game.

Check out the top ten sports bars in Sioux Falls from Yelp!

What's your favorite sports bar in Sioux Falls?

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