Sometimes all you need for a snack is a single cookie.  Not just a tiny cookie that comes in one of those little, white bakery bags but a fresh-baked cookie that's as big as your hand. Maybe even bigger!

Well, you're in luck!  There is a new store in Sioux Falls that is dedicated to anything and everything cookies. The best part? There is always something new to try each week at this cookie lover’s paradise.

Crumbl Cookies in Sioux Falls is one of the newest businesses in the Sioux Empire. The cookie establishment recently opened its doors on 41st Street near the Empire Mall.  After only a few weeks of officially creating cookie goodness, Crumbl Cookies is constantly busy with lines out the door.

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So what exactly is Crumbl Cookies all about? According to its website, the Crumbl Cookies' "menu rotates to give you 4-5 different specialty flavors to taste and enjoy."  What about the classic chocolate chip cookie? Not to worry! Crumbl Cookies' "famous Milk Chocolate Chip will always be available for you to enjoy!"

Christine Manika (TSM)
Christine Manika (TSM)

Even though the lines are long at the Crumbl Cookies storefront, they are so totally worth the yummy wait!  The open kitchen experience at Crumbl Cookies affords you the opportunity to watch the cookies being made to help you pass the time. Ordering these sweet treats is truly just as easy as eating them!

Crumbl Cookies are great for a snack, for dessert, a special occasion, or even an office party.  Honestly, these cookies are so incredibly delicious and definitely worth the trip! Get the cookies while they're hot and be sure not to let your cookies crumble! You don’t want to miss a single bite!

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