I'm a fan of people who choose to share hope, healing, happiness and love.

I am encouraged by people who rewrite their own story, and then turn around to help others with their journey.

It really is a choice to decide what we will put back out in this world.

I first became aware of Native Hope when I saw them partnering with Call to Freedom.

Call to Freedom is an incredible organization, their mission from the Call to Freedom website:

Call to Freedom provides supportive services for victims and survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

I reached out to Kansas Middletent from Native Hope so learn more about the work they do.

I met up with Kansas one night and found someone who had made the decision to change his life, walk a new path, and turn around to help others do the same.

We believe in the power of storytelling to dismantle barriers, bring healing, and inspire hope for Native people.

Watch Kansas talk about the new clothing line below, and to get your gear click here.


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