Pizza is undoubtedly one of America's favorite foods. It's become a 30 billion dollar a year industry and, not surprisingly, sales are up amid the COVID- 19 pandemic. But how do you feel about deep-dish pizza? Most people either absolutely love, or despise deep-dish. There seems to be very little middle ground.

On this National Deep-Dish Pizza Day, I'm reminded of my first experience with deep-dish. I was about nine years old, at a restaurant with my friend and his family, when they ordered it. At first, I was excited, because it sounded like I'd get even more pizza! However, when it showed up and was placed on our table, I immediately thought otherwise. As a kid who was a picky eater, it looked weird to me and I barely ate what was on my plate.

As I've grown older though, deep-dish has become my favorite kind of pizza. Maybe it's because it feels like a full meal? Or maybe it's because I'm a fan of Chicago sports teams? Whatever the reason, I'm happy to celebrate one of my favorite foods today.

You can celebrate too by ordering from one of your favorite establishments in the Sioux Empire today! Or, if you're bold enough, make one yourself! There's a link below that will show you how to do just that. Warning: This video will make you hungry. Happy National Deep-Dish Pizza Day!

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