A naked man with hand lotion was caught ransacking a Humboldt apartment while the resident was in the home early Saturday morning.

"The person that was in the woman's apartment," according to Captain Jason Gearman of the Minnehaha County Sheriff's Office, "was throwing things around. The resident could hear him talking. He actually came and sat on her bed while she was hiding under it at one point."

"Deputies arrived a short time after that. They found that the door was open to the apartment and then located the male," continued Gearman. "He didn't have any clothes on and was holding bottle of hand lotion in his hand. They found clothes and garbage in different parts of the house."

German says the homeowner was able to contact authorities while hiding under a bed.

"You know who knows what would have happened if the suspect would have found her. She kept her wits about her and was able to call in. Luckily the deputies were fairly close. It didn't take them long to get there."

Gearman says 29-year-old Charles Edwards of Salem was arrested and charged with first degree burglary and intentional damage to property.

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