Believe it or not, some people are still surprised by my extensive music background.  From Randy Travis to Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac to Brooks and Dunn, and many others, my parents exposed me to any and all types of music.

I can remember driving in the car listening to CDs my dad created for long trips.  There wasn't just one genre of music playing in the car.  No two artists were the same except if my dad really loved a particular artist or group.  He would usually play two artist's songs back-to-back if that was the case.

The point is, everything I know about music comes from my parents.  Growing up, their musical taste led me to great concert experiences and memories.  Now as a young adult, it's been a blast forming my own memories from the concerts I've attended!

For as long as I can remember, it's always my goal to attend at least one concert a year.  I have selected some of my favorite concerts to share with you, those shows that resonate in my memory over and over again.

My Top Concert Memories:

There are so many artists and music groups I still have on my concert bucket list!  I'm open to any other concert suggestions to add to this growing list! Feel free to email me your concert thoughts (!

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