Before anyone laughs at this post, hear me out.  This guess sounds so crazy, it just could be true.

For anyone who isn't familiar with the Fox television series, The Masked Singer is another singing competition...with a twist.  Everyone who is performing is already famous and each celebrity wears a mask to hide their identity.  These stars could be anyone from professional athletes to award-winning actors and actresses.  It's up to judges to guess who is the famous person under the mask.  The Masked Singer will exercise your mind with various hidden clues so you can play along with the judges at home.

I have been following the hit-series since it started in 2019.  I am always ready to crack the codes and listen to the voices.  Plus, I usually have a pretty good ear when it comes to identifying well-known voices.  But having a couple compete against the other masked singers is a new challenge.  Say hello the the "Snow Owls."

The first clue package from the Snow Owls is a little bit confusing.  Then I heard their voices together.  Immediately, I knew the Snow Owls were legends and they sound like they have worked together for a while.  Once the Snow Owls aimed for the rooftops with their soulful high notes, the names clicked in my head. Clint Black and Lisa Hartman.

It may be difficult to tell if it is Clint Black and Lisa Hartman from this short clip.  However, if you listen to the live performance of "When I Said I Do," you might be able to recognize some similarities.

It's only the first episode of the fourth season of The Masked Singer.  Anything can happen!

Do you think the Snow Owls is the power country couple?

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