It was going to be a weekend trip to Omaha to see our 2 grandsons play some little league baseball. Three games on Saturday.

And then the rains came.

Welcome rain for sure. We all know our farm friends need the rain and they got some. Maybe not enough in some places, maybe a bit too much too quickly in others. But on our trip south it rained.

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And it rained enough in the Omaha Metro to postpone one game. Then two. Then three. Baseball was done. So what to do?

Our son and daughter-in-law and grandsons to us to a place we hadn't been before.

Officially called the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum, it's United States Military aircraft history and a lot more. A whole lot more.

Planes? Uh, yeah...a lot of planes. Names like A-26 B 'Invader', B-29TB 'Superfortress', F-105 'Thunderchief', XF-85 'Goblin' and more and more and more.


But there's so much more there. An amazing 'Space Race' area. A heartfelt and heartbreaking area dedicated to the Holocaust. A tribute to 911. Really more than I could ever describe, but here are some pictures that give a bit of an idea.,

As you can see it's great for the entire family, including the little ones. There are cockpits for them (and me!) to get into and information that will make them (and me) a whole lot smarter.

When you're going through it, don't skip anything because you'll be missing a lot. This is the kind of place that you could spend a whole day at. But at the very least give yourself a couple of hours.

So no, we didn't get to see those two pictured above play their baseball games and that was disappointing. But what a great time we had anyway. Family time, whether at the ball field or the museum, is a good time.

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