Since the snow has melted in the neighborhoods of the Midwest the streets are again flooded with water in the gutters, kids playing, and breaking out their bikes and skate boards. I also see a lot of parents adulting and doing the garage clean out and early yard work.

You also see, hear, and smell more animals on the move as the seasons start to change. It was about this exact time last year I remember seeing a moose making moves by Brandon, South Dakota.

This morning as I got sucked into the social media rabbit hole of Facebook when I saw new moose on the loose video near Broookings, South Dakota.

There are no shortages of moose kids books on the market as the giant antlered animal leaves kids in awe. I also know more than one of my hunting friends have a moose hunt on their bucket list with an unchecked box next to it.

This video of a moose cruising the fields by Brookings will likely be the first of many because the moose has a tendency to stick out when walking about.

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