Eric Robert's execution Monday night at the South Dakota State Penitentiary marked the State's first in just over five years and second with lethal injection. And now there is another execution date coming within weeks for convicted killer Donald Moeller.

Here is a list of the 16 executions prior to Monday night:

  • Jack McCall was hanged at Yankton March 1, 1877, for shooting Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood.
  •  Thomas Egan was hanged at Sioux Falls (It took 3 tries with 2 ropes to complete the execution) July 13, 1882, for the murder of his wife. Years later, his stepdaughter admitted to committing the crime while on her deathbed.
  •  Brave Bear was hanged at Yankton Nov. 15, 1882, for the murder of a pioneer settler in Sully County in 1879.
  • James Gilmore was hanged at Deadwood Dec. 15, 1882, for the killing of a man on the old Fort Pierre-Deadwood trail.
  • James Leehman was hanged on Feb. 19, 1892 for the murder of James H. Burns.
  • Nathaniel Thompson was hanged at DeSmet October 1893 for killing his wife's friend.
  • Jay Hicks was hanged at Sturgis December 1893 for killing and robbing a Meade County rancher.
  • Chief Two Sticks was hanged at Deadwood Dec. 28, 1894, for instigating the slaying of four cowboys.
  • Charles Brown was hanged at Deadwood July 14, 1897, for killing and robbing a Deadwood woman.
  • Ernest Loveswar was hanged at Sturgis Sept. 19, 1902, for the murder of two homesteaders.
  • Allen Walking Shield was hanged Oct. 21, 1902, in Sioux Falls for the murder of a Native American woman named Ghost-Faced Bear.
  • George Bear was hanged at Sioux Falls Dec. 5, 1902, for murder.
  • Emil Victor was hanged at Aberdeen Nov. 16, 1909, for the murder of three people.
  • Joe Rickman was hanged in Perkins County in 1913 for the murder of a woman and her daughter.
  • George Sitts was electrocuted at Sioux Falls on April 8, 1947 for the Jan. 24, 1946, murders of state criminal agent Thomas Matthews and Butte County Sheriff Dave Malcolm near Spearfish.
  • Elijah Page was executed by lethal injection in Sioux Falls on July 11, 2007, for the murder of Chester Allan Poage.

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