Miranda Lambert revealed a gift from John Prine in grieving the songwriter's death. In a simple video tribute, the "Bluebird" singer says that Prine "set my world on fire."

The treasured memento dates back to 2009, when Lambert covered Prine's "That's the Way That the World Goes 'Round" on her breakthrough album, Revolution. It's a song she's often included in her setlists, and it was her pick for a performance at the 2010 CMA Awards. Because of that — and perhaps because of a kinship forged during their 2016 collaboration — Prine gifted her lyrics to the song, in his handwriting.

Lambert took that and his signature and had it cut into metal. That band of metal wraps a globe-shaped firepit she has at her farm in Tennessee.

"He did set my world on fire," Lambert wrote on Instagram Stories on Tuesday night (April 7). "All of ours."

Watch the above video to see the tribute, as well as others from country stars like Brandi Carlile, Toby Keith and more. "That's the Way That the World Goes 'Round" was originally recorded on Prine's 1978 album, Bruised Oranges.

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Immediately upon hearing of Prine's death from COVID-19, his impact and influence became apparent to those who maybe didn't know much about his 18-album catalog. While he never scored a hit song as a solo artist, singers like George Strait and Don Williams did it for him. Prine's ability to tell stories from a variety of perspectives without losing a sense of authenticity is what separates him from nearly all of his peers.

The Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame member is widely remembered as a master of his craft, perhaps equal to Kris Kristofferson in country music.

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