Forbes has released its annual list of the most valuable sports franchises with the Minnesota Vikings being within the top 50.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are fantastic cities that feature every major sports team. The Vikings, Twins, Wild, Wolves, Lynx, Minnesota United all are showcased throughout the year. According to the new list from Forbes, only the Vikings are within the most valued franchises from Minnesota.

The Vikings are ranked 35th overall in this year's list having a worth of about $2.4 billion. Minnesota is listed as more valuable than other NFL franchises such as New Orleans (50), Jacksonville (49), Kansas City (48), Arizona (46), LA Chargers (41), and the Indianapolis Colts (36). 18 NFL teams are more valuable than the Vikings, with the Dallas Cowboys being at the top of the list with a value of $5 billion.

Compared to other members of the NFC North, Minnesota ranks third. Chicago is 19th overall at $2.9 billion. Green Bay is worth $2.63 billion and 27th on the list. The Detroit Lions did not make the top 50.

The entire list of all 50 teams with a breakdown for each can be found through Forbes.

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