The Minnesota Twins are continuing to try and bolster their starting pitching as they made a trade to acquire one over the weekend.

The Twins traded a minor league shortstop in exchange for starting pitcher Jake Odorizzi from the Tampa Bay Rays.

He might not be the starting pitcher from the Rays that many Twins fans were dreaming of as that was Chris Archer, but Odorizzi was 10-8 last year and can bring some more stability to the Twins staff.

Not to mention, he can come in at the beginning of the season and help fill the void left by Ervin Santana who is going to be out for a while as he recovers from surgery on his finger.

In a year where there are still some really talented players left in free agency, don't put it past the Twins to not stop with the Odorizzi deal and pursue other pitching options over the next week or two.

The Twins are currently at Spring Training in Florida prior to the start of the regular season.


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