During the 2019 Major League Baseball All-Star Game, FOX broadcaster Joe Buck made a prediction about the American League Central division that has upset some Minnesota Twins fans.

Buck is usually under fire by every fanbase in the country for being "biased" against every team. You'd be hardpressed to find one NFL or MLB fanbase that doesn't believe he is against him.

This time he angered the Minnesota Twins fanbase. During the All-Star Game, Buck asked Cleveland's Francisco Lindor if he thinks the tribe can catch the Twins for the division this season. Lindor, as expected, said yes. Buck followed that up by giving his quick opinion that he thinks they will catch them.

And then Twitter blew up.

And that's just some comments. There's even more that have some choice words that I cannot post here. Fans also took up an issue with Buck bringing up Jorge Polanco's suspension from last year over his accolades from this year.

I will agree that he could have gone another direction with Polanco and not brought the suspension up as quick as he did. He could have worked that in somewhere else if it was really necessary to the story.

As for his comment regarding the Indians catching the Twins? That's just his opinion and thoughts. Plus, Buck telling Lindor that he doesn't think they have a chance would just open the door to a bunch of Cleveland fans complaining in the same manner. Was it out of place for a play-by-play broadcaster to give his quick opinion? Some can argue so, but then it should be out of place for them to be talking to the athletes on the field during a game.

It's entertainment and it was one comment. Let's just take a step back and breathe for a moment. The Twins still have a 5.5 game lead over Cleveland coming out of the break. The two teams still have to play 13 more times against each other. And while the Twins have a tough stretch out of the break compared to the Indians, Minnesota has a favorable schedule in late August/September that should help them out.

If it turns out the Twins do go on to win the division, then you can always go back to Buck on social media and tell him he's wrong...but I promise you he sees that every day.

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