The Minnesota Twins had high hopes for Kennys Vargas and have given him ample opportunity to succeed with the organization, but that success has never come to fruition.

Over the weekend, the Twins designated Vargas for assignment, ending his time with the Twins.

One of the reasons that the Twins have given Vargas so many opportunities is because they saw glimpses of what David Ortiz became and they didn't want to make the same mistake with Vargas as they did with Ortiz.

The Twins gave up on Ortiz too early and he eventually put together a Hall of Fame career with the Boston Red Sox.

Vargas is clearly not going to be Ortiz and the Twins are making the right decision in moving on from him.

Another team will see some of those glimpses the Twins saw and try to reinvent Vargas, but they most likely will be in the same place the Twins are as Vargas just simply strikes out too much and doesn't do enough in the field to keep a place on a MLB roster.

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