Let's face it. if you're not from Minnesota, learning how to pronounce all the quirky and unique town names can be quite a tall task.

Ask an outsider how to pronounce Faribault, Bemidji, or Chokio and you might be in for a laugh. But one town in the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes takes the crown regarding mispronunciation. In fact, it was just named the most mispronounced place in the entire United States.

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According to a recent list compiled by Best Life Online, this small Minnesota town is the hardest to pronounce in all the land.

Credit: Via Travelers via YouTube
Credit: Via Travelers via YouTube

Where is the Most Mispronounced Place in the U.S.?

It lies just 15 miles west of the Twin Cities in Hennepin County and has a population of just over 3,000 people.

Wayzata, MN
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Well, What Minnesota Town is it?

The title of 'Most Mispronounced' Place in the U.S. goes to the sleepy little town of Wayzata, Minnesota.

How Do You Pronounce Wayzata Anyway?

It's a bit tricky if you're not from Minnesota, as most would look at it and scratch their heads. The correct pronunciation is "wai·zeh·tuh".

To see the entire list of the 15 most mispronounced places in the United States, check out the article from Best Life Online.

To learn all about what makes Wayzata such a great place to live and raise a family, check out the YouTube video below.

Inside Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

I had been to Minnesota's Largest Candy Store once before, but they did some pretty cool things since the last time I was there. They added a bunch of superheroes, Star Wars stuff, and a candy band.

According to their Facebook page, Jim's Apple Farm is actually how the now huge candy store got its start. It is located in Jordan, MN and you can't miss it. It is a huge yellow building.

Even though candy is mentioned in the name, they have a little bit of everything. They have fresh baked pies and cookies and fudge. We walked in and it smelled amazing!

They also have the largest selection of sodas! Then there is chocolate and taffy and gummies and chips and puzzles and games. So much stuff!

They even have a Zoltar machine like in the movie, Big. I had to check that out. He told me the only helping hand is at the end of my arm. Gee, thanks Zoltar.

There were even crickets and worms! Not gummy worms, but actual worms.
They also have candy from all over the world!

The store is seasonal, however. November is their last month of operation for the season.

Story Source: Best Life Online

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