Driving while intoxicated is not a good thing to do. Ramming your car into your house is also not a good thing to do. Doing both at the same time is very perplexing.

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Last week a 62-year-old man in Brainerd, Minn. was arrested after a bizarre incident at his home, according to the Brainerd Dispatch.

Police were called in the late afternoon of Tuesday, March 1 to report a man who was allegedly ramming a residence on Seventh Avenue Northeast with his vehicle. The caller apparently knew the house-ramming driver because they told police that it was his own house he was ramming.

Brainerd Police responded and took the driver into custody and was charged with DWI with an aggravating factor.

If you were thinking that ramming his own house was the aggravating factor, it was not. As far as I could tell, intentionally damaging your own house with your car is legal, as long as no one is inside. Under Minnesota DWI law, his aggravating factor was most likely that he had a prior impaired driving incident in the last ten years before this, his blood-alcohol level was .16 or higher, or both of those things were true in this case.

The report of "ramming" makes it seem as if he rammed the car into the house more than once. Perhaps he confused the door you walk through with the big door you drive through.

No other information about this incident was available. The investigation was still ongoing as of March 2 and the driver of the vehicle was still in custody in the Crow Wing County Jail.

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