A small-town diner in Minnesota was thrust into the spotlight this week after one patron tweeted a picture of its ribs.

Sometimes the way a food looks is more important than even the way it tastes. One Minnesota resident recently found that a picture really is worth a thousand words when he posted a tweet of the food he was about to enjoy. Why? Because, when it comes to ribs, everybody has an opinion.

Before the author of the tweet even knew what was happening, thousands of people from all over the country started weighing in on the ribs. What exactly did they look like? Take a look at the tweet below.

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Some of the comments ranged from:

"Probably cooked by a Vikings player"

And also:

"A pig died for those ribs and that is no way to honor the animal"

As harsh as the comments were, Justin, the original poster, felt different about the ribs, saying:

"Tasted much better than they look"

And replying to another Twitter user with:

"Yup. I swear they tasted decent. They just don't look good to people"

Upon further review of the restaurant's Facebook page, it looks like Justin's right. He might not have shown the best picture, but if you check out some of Lynsey's BBQ and Grill's dishes, they look mouth-watering.

Story Source: Bring Me The News

Story Source: Justin Ekstrom Twitter

Story Source: Lynsey's BBQ and Grill Facebook

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