I know plenty of people just love going to the South Dakota State Fair in Huron, every year. But apparently, when it comes to state fairs, ours can't hold a candle to the Minnesota or Iowa state fairs.

Full disclosure, I have never taken in the South Dakota State Fair, but have been to Minnesota's and it was awesome! The culinary offerings alone would make any foodie rhapsodize about its many-faceted virtues. (Let me tell you about the deep-fried lobster bites, I inhaled!).

More than one website lists both of them in their top ten. Livability and Insider both include our neighboring state's extravaganzas as being, so worth the trip!

According to Livability, the top 3 are:

  1. Iowa State Fair - August 8 - 18, Famous for its food-on-a-stick and of course the now, iconic, life-size, butter cow, sculpted from 600 pounds of pure Iowa butter every year.
  2. State Fair of Texas - 24 days long, over 2 million visitors at the 2018 version and true innovators when it comes to fair food. (Hello deep-fried butter!)
  3. Minnesota State Fair - August 22 - September 2, also attracts over 2 million people, tons of live entertainment, over 300 food vendors, many serving locally famous foodstuffs.

Insider ranked the "Great Minnesota Get-Together" number 1 and Iowa's number 8 for the exact same reasons as Livability.

Perhaps a tour of neighboring state fairs would be in order.

Sources: Livability and Insider


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