Here's a question you maybe never thought about.

Does your pet like your home?

Well, you may not have thought about it...unless you're a Millenial.

I have to confess, through the years I've had a number of pets, and not once was I worried that Sarge or Tiny or Coke liked where we lived. It seemed more important that I liked it Ok, and I assumed if I did, they would.

Well, times change.

According to an article on CNBC, Millenials want a house that their pets like, too. And if they don't...well, no deal.

It seems 73% of Millenials own a pet and 89% of Millenials who bought a home this year own a pet. And furthermore, 79% of pet-owning home buyers said they'd pass up an otherwise perfect home if it didn't meet the needs of their pets.


Now I get it that if, say, you own a horse, that small house near downtown may not work out all that well. But if Fluffy or Fido comes along, they could adapt pretty well.

Or not.

Check out the story here and if you're looking for that new place to call home, go ahead and walk Rover through and see what he thinks.

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