South Dakota native and former NBA star Mike Miller has decided to step down as an assistant coach with the University of Memphis.

Not only could he bank on his resume opening up doors, but Miller is also an extremely smart basketball mind that I'm sure opened up many doors as well.

Now Memphis basketball will look to find a replacement, build on the recruiting momentum, and try to climb back up to the pedestal they were on when Coach Calipari had them right.

As a player, Miller garnered the NBA Rookie of the Year award, won 2x NBA titles and was considered one of the best three-point shooters in the league.

When his career ended, he decided to go the coaching route as Penny Hardaway got the job at Memphis, but will now take some time away from the grind he has been on the last 20 years.

He mentions that this will be a time to spend more quality time with his family but I'm guessing down the road, we will see Mike Miller involved in basketball in one form or another because it is clear, he loves that game.


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