The Mighty Corson Art Players theatre group is celebrating their 35th year of entertaining audiences in the region.

Establishing themselves in what was the Corson town hall, upgrading with theatre seats, and building on to accommodate more growth, the performing group looks to the future with high hopes of bringing entertainment, inspiration, and perhaps a smile to the lives who fill the seats.

How could I have grown up in the town of less than 100 people and not go to a play till now?!

The performing group was just getting established about the time I was moving away from home and living abroad.  Now that I'm back, it's my hope to take in many of their performances, and hopefully volunteering on occasion.

Currently, you take take in their production of Boeing, Boeing.  How fun to take in a comedy in such an intimate setting!  The acting was quick witted, characters believable and the comedy evoking belly laughs from the crowd.   I'm going to see the performance for the second time this weekend.

Tickets are only $10 each and you can reserve the exact seat you'd like to sit in for the performance.

Beth Warden/Results Radio
Beth Warden/Results Radio

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