A lot of country music fans think that "real country music" has been kicked to the curb, replaced by things called "bro-country," "hick-hop" or glazed over classic rock. Well, if that's how you feel, I have great news!

There's a lot of great "real country" being recorded in released all over the country, including Nashville. Here at KXRB and KXRB.com we play all the great classics from country music history, and also newer country that is, well, really country music.

Over the past couple years we've "discovered" great artist's like Teea Goans, Mary Sarah, James Carothers, Monte Good and others.

Now, let me introduce you to a real country artist named James Robert Webb.

It was a moth or two ago that a song came across my desk called "Daddy Made A Million." I thought (before hearing the song, mistakenly judging a "book by the cover") I'd have nothing in common with the song, because my Daddy made waaaay less than a million! Turned out, I was wrong. Just like in the song, my Daddy made a million, too.

Bottom line? It's real country music and it tells a great story, which is what so many of the classics do.

So who is this guy, this James Robert Webb? Well,I went to his website, and found this:

James Robert Webb is a genuine country boy from Kellyville, Oklahoma who found a love of music before he learned to walk. You never know what instrument James may play live, but you can be sure that his voice will captivate you with a voice that is powerful, tender and uniquely country. Influenced by the great Oklahoma vocalists Garth Brooks, Ronnie Dunn and Vince Gill, Webb has a flair for traditional country with a modern bent.

When it comes to country music, Webb’s influences lie along the traditional side with modern influences. “I grew up listening to the great vocalists-like Jones, Haggard, Twitty, Rogers, Nelson, and Cash. When the new traditionalists came along like Strait, Garth, Randy Travis–it was the best of both worlds. I fell in love with those meaningful, deep ballads like Unanswered Prayers and Diggin’ Up Bones and got to rock out to honky tonk tunes like Hard Workin’ Man and Chattahoochie.”

Now, give a listen to "Daddy Made A Million" and get ready to hear more real country music from Mr. James Robert Webb.