A tense situation in Salem back in July was handled properly. An independent panel looked at the evidence that shows a McCook County Deputy needed to use his firearm.

Attorney General Marty Jackley and the Division of Criminal Investigation released the summary of the incident on July 19, 2015, in Salem. The report contains the use of guns by 38 year-old Cornelius Milk, his intoxication level and his behavior that led to the confrontation.

According to the report, Milk was in possession a firearm and had shot his weapon multiple times in the air outside the Brewery Bar before police arrived. Deputy Randy Schwader had ordered Milk to surrender but instead got into his vehicle and attempted to run over Deputy Schwader.

Deputy Schwader fired his weapon 12 times. Milk was struck seven times in the arms and torso.

It was determined that Milk’s blood alcohol level was at .244. DCI also interviewed known associates of Milk who had heard Milk discussing a possible “suicide by cop”. Plus it was known that Milk’s behavior changed dramatically when drinking alcohol.

The Division of Criminal Investigation conducted the investigation at the request of the McCook County Sheriff’s Office. For a look at the full report click on the link here.

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