March 28, 2017 is the scheduled date for the next Sioux Falls State of the City address, as scheduled by Mayor Mike Huether.

In the letter addressed to the Sioux Falls City Council, Huether cites many events in the last 12 months that are seen as benefits for the city:

Sioux Falls experienced one of America’s lowest unemployment rates, a fourth straight year of record development, and the largest growth of new citizens in Sioux Falls’ history. City government also had to make tough choices and reduce expenses to live within its financial means while ensuring those decisions did not reduce service quality.


Financially, the city coffers include just over $40 million dollars in the general fund and is just over 25% of budget expenses projected.  The 25% mark was a threshold in a recent finding by a mediation group with the Fraternal Order of Police salary negotiations, citing city expenditures being so close to the threshold, that the city not spend additional funds on increasing Police compensation by 3 percent.

Huether provides a list of what he sees as achievements for the city:

Sioux Falls also celebrated the grand opening of the Midco® Aquatic Center, the groundbreaking for a $12 million hotel near the PREMIER Center, the completion of some monster infrastructure improvements in sanitary sewer and roads, and so much more.

One building project not mentioned in the letter was the groundbreaking of the controversial City Administration Building. Bonds for the $21.9 million project were sold at 3.09 percent for a twenty year term.

The State of the City Address is March 28, 2017 at Carnegie Town Hall, 235 W. 10th Street in Sioux Falls at 2:30 PM.  The meeting is open to the public. Huether's term will end in 2018 and city bylaws do not allow for a third term.

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