For my money (and there isn't much), Ken Burns is the finest documentary filmmaker of my lifetime.

When someone asks me what my all time favorite TV show is, there's no question about it: Ken Burns 'Civil War' is the 'must see' TV event for me. Just an amazing piece of story telling.

I watch his 'Baseball' documentary just about each of the hundred or so times MLB TV runs it during the off season. I loved 'Jazz', even though that's not exactly in my wheelhouse musically. And all his other films are fantastic as well.

In other words, if Ken Burns is doing a documentary, I'm watching it and loving it.

And now this. Wow.

Mark the date on your calendar. Ken Burns 'Country Music' begins on September 15th on PBS.

In fact, don't just mark it on your calendar, do what I do. Enter the reminder on your phone so it goes 'Beep' or whatever it does, a good couple hours before it starts. Because this is going to be a 'can't miss' TV event.

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