Thanks to a great honor I received from the cattle industry of South Dakota, I get to do a story on me.

Each year, the cattlemen of the state get to pick one person to be awarded with The Friend of the Cattlemen honor. It goes to who they feel helped the cattle producer immensely.

This year I was their choice, and I am very honored. I was given the award Saturday night (11/18) at the American Legion in Dell Rapids, South Dakota.

The Sioux Basin Cattlemen's Association was holding a banquet. Cattleman and friend, Steve Ollerich presented me with the plaque.

Roger Currier

We had a fabulous evening and a great dinner. My personal guests attending with me, were Roger Currier, station manager, and his wife Vicki. Also, Sid Pederson, of Pederson Commodities.

And of course my favorite guests who attend absolutely everything with me, my wife Lorlane and son Mark Jr:

Lorlane and Mark Jr
Roger Currier

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