Over the years I have taken race car drivers away from what they were doing to do interviews with me. In this business you've you got to do what it takes to get the stories out there.

In this case, maybe I went too far. I went looking for Mark Dobmeier at the race track a couple hours before start time. I found his car in the infield and his big rig out back, but the 4-time track champion was nowhere to be found.

Then I spotted his crew member on a four wheeler. After inquiring about Dobs whereabouts, I learned that due to the fact that he had to drive the truck back to Grand Forks, ND late Sunday night after the races and be at work Monday morning, he was sleeping in the truck.

Any man in his right mind at that point would have let the poor guy sleep, but because I had big questions to ask I shook him and woke him up.

Brave on my part?

In most cases yes, but with this guy, no. Because of a good relationship with him and due to his good nature, he gladly opened his eyes and with a smile said: 'Sure, it's always great to give you stuff for the race fans.'

So within a minute or two from sudden wake-up, he's talking into a video recorder answering some big questions so I can put it out for the whole world to see.

I began by asking Mark about the previous race at Huset's where he passed Terry McCarl on the last lap for the victory.

'It was one of the best finishes I ever had here at Huset's," he said. "We've been neck and neck every night, and it looks like it's going to be a fun year."

I then shifted the conversation to the upcoming World of Outlaws race at Huset's on July 3rd.

"I was able to win against them last year on this track and I feel confident I can pull another one off," answered Mark.

NASCAR champion Tony Stewart is racing at Huset's at the July 3rd World of Outlaws event. I asked Mark how he felt about that. He was quick to answer "I'm looking forward to it!"

Later at race time at this very event on June 16th, Mark Dobmeier brought the #13 car onto the track and set a quick time. In the feature he raced from the 9th starting position to 2nd.


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