A suspect from Iowa involved in a pursuit was tracked to an area near east Rice Street in Sioux Falls on Wednesday (August 2).

The incident began at 9:30 AM in Lyon County, Iowa with a report of a stolen vehicle. During the pursuit the suspect rammed a law enforcement vehicle, causing minor injuries to the officer. Authorities continued the pursuit from Larchwood, Iowa to Sioux Falls.

The possibility of a stolen firearm being in the suspect’s possession warranted additional officers, the use of drones, and calling in the K9 unit.

According to KDLT News, a second possible suspect may have been with the driver, with the following descriptions:

The suspect is described as a white man in his 30’s, five-feet nine-inches tall and weighing 160 lbs. The possible second suspect is also described as a white man, 6-feet four-inches tall, weighing 215 lbs. Police say they may be armed with a stolen firearm.

After hours of searching, the manhunt was called off without located the person or persons in question.  According to the police scanner, footprints were discovered on Bahnson heading west, which was outside of the set up perimeter.  It is uncertain if the footprints were that of the suspect or suspects.

The Brandon Police department was also called in to secure the area around Timberline and Rice and authorities used heat seeking devices to track the suspect.

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