The question that we all seek the answer for is how to make life happy. Before we try to solve this question and insert the answers into our life, let's take out the things that can make us unhappy.

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, don't get divorced and don't get fired from your job. Michigan State University psychologist Richard Lucas says avoiding those two experiences are the two keys to long-term happiness.

Getting married makes us markedly happier, but only for about two years. After that, married people are no more happy than they had been as singles.

However, divorce and losing your job can make some people permanently sad. Compare that to losing a spouse to death, something from which most people recover in about seven years.

Divorced people can be happy again if they remarry, but even finding a new job can't repair the damage of getting fired.So work hard to keep your marriage in tact at all costs and do what you have to do to keep from getting fired. If an employment must find the end, don't let it be getting fired.