An investigation by the drug task force in Sioux Falls produced results. That according to Sioux Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens.

"Detectives had a bunch of tips that came in beginning last year in August. That really culminated with a search warrant at a southwest apartment. Inside the apartment they found close to four and a half pounds of meth, four loaded handguns and some cocaine. Nobody was inside the apartment at the time. We didn't make any arrests. But we know who we are looking for. This is one of those drug busts that has the potential to have a ripple effect. We may have several different people being arrested."

Clemens says the bust is a big deal!

"We get most of the meth we seize is small. We're talking trace amounts or a couple of grams. To have four and a half pounds is really a significant amount. We are really pleased we were able to get that off the street."

Clemens says the public helped in the investigation.

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