Today (6/2/17) is 'I Love My Dentist Day.' Cool. Who knew?

Anyone else love going to see the dentist like I do? Seriously! You may laugh, but I really do enjoy visiting my dentist.

I love that feeling of walking out of his office with freshly cleaned teeth. I don't even mind if I have to have a cavity filled or have a root canal - and I've had my fair share.

And I thank my Uncle Rollie for this. Rollie was a dentist in Sioux Falls for years. He attended dental school at Northwestern and would occasionally come home to visit.

That's when he would line up all his nieces and nephews so he could "practice" on us. His dental chair was the side of grandma and grandpa's bathtub. That's where he would practice giving fluoride treatments and "picking" at our teeth.

In fact, I continued to go to Uncle Rollie up until he retired just a few years ago. And I have yet to find anyone who can give a Novocaine shot like him - it never EVER hurt.

So today, if you have an appointment to see your dentist, make sure you thank him or her for your beautiful white smile. They really aren't as scary as they seem.

Source: Checkiday

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