If your summer vacation has turned into a summer staycation, you may want to schedule a backyard ice bath in a baby pool and just hang out there for a bit. I'm pretty sure that will be a Tik Tok thing by then. The summer long-range forecast by our trusty friends at the Farmer's Almanac - and I say trusty because they boast an impressive accuracy rate for such things - calls for a hot one. A really hot one.

The exact wording on the upper midwest is "scorching, with near-normal precipitation."

Which is slightly better than the southwest where they predict "sizzling and bone-dry."

Either way, this doesn't sound like a mild summer at all. Of course, the weather patterns are quite unpredictable, especially long-range types so it's really a wait-and-see situation. But, it may not be a bad idea to schedule a central air-conditioner tune-up and preventative maintenance.

Until then, I'll start filling up the baby pool.

And just a side-note: I looked up the Spring 2020 forecast which was released in February and it called for a wet and chilly spring in the upper midwest. And so far, with the exception of a handful of warm days, that has been spot on.

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