Monstrous Little Theatre Company (MLTC) is a local theatre group that aims to not only entertain, but to also challenge and engage the audience. In their mission statement they say, "We will create theatre in Sioux Falls that is dynamic and thought-provoking. We aim to push ourselves, engage other artists, and challenge audience members with an atmosphere that encourages dialogue about stories that need telling.”

Goblin Girls is the most recent of many stories being told thanks to Monstrous Little Theatre Company.

MLTC will be a hosting a live reading of the play Goblin Girls on Thursday, March 15.

Goblin Girls is a play written by Katelynn Kenny, a South Dakota native that graduated from Augustana. She is now pursuing playwriting in New York City.

The play is summarized as, "Goblin Girls is an epic contemporary fable in which the disappearance of a pandhandling storyteller sparks the appearance of his two young wards, who have surfaced from an underground society of goblins. A moral story with no certain answers. And an exploration of the things we do for love."

The live reading will take place at Leonardo's Cafe in the Washington Pavilion on March 15 at 7 pm. The event is free of charge, but they will be accepting free will donations.

The cast includes:

  • Eric Edwards as Puck
  • Jeff Larsen as Mr. Bell
  • Lauren Shaver as Rinley
  • Ruquia Mulamba as Jetter
  • Josh Sauer as Fox
  • Phosalae Suriyasak as Calliope
  • Chris Andrews reading Stage Directions

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