The internet is a great thing. You can connect with people all over the world and find answers to any question. But, there are black holes that can swallow your whole afternoon.

On a recent Sunday, a random thought floated into my brain: "Hey remember that Sesame Street cartoon about a loaf of bread and a stick of butter?"

I did remember it! And I wanted to see it again. Didn't the kid in that cartoon get lost and see a weird disco house?

YouTube to the rescue! It didn't take long. I typed 'Sesame Street loaf of" and autocomplete finished the rest. It seems I am not the only person who watched PBS in the late 70s and early 80s.

Here it is:

But there was no weird, disco house. Thanks to YouTube I found that it was this one.

My Goodness! What were they doing in the 70s? Was the idea of children's TV just to transcribe people's nightmare freakouts and animate them?

Anyways, you know what else was cool? That pinball counting cartoon. I found that somebody had edited all the numbers into one video. Get crazy on the kettle drums!

You will have that song in your head all day.

Oh, man! Remember that time they made tortillas? I love it!

Here's another 'I knew I wasn't making this memory up' moment. Here's that time R2D2 stopped by the Street.

Oh no, I remember this one.

This song haunted my brain for years! Seriously what was going on then? The disco house was less disturbing than this. But it did lead me to this touching freak out:

That seems like a good place to end this odd trip. Thank you internet for finding all those things and bringing back so many memories of the weird world I grew up in.

Now off to the store. I need a loaf of whole grain, gluten-free bread; a carton of organic oat milk, and a stick of locally sourced, unsalted butter.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ben Kuhns is just some guy on the internet. He is a wannabe writer, and his wife thinks he's funny. He writes for Results-Townsquare Media in Sioux Falls South Dakota.

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