The one thing I look forward to every year, is late August. There are fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and corn on the cob all around.

How do you eat your tomatoes? Do you add salt and pepper? Or are you a sugar on the tomato person?

How ever you like them, endulge! I'm a salt and pepper guy.

Another great way to eat some tomatoes, is to make a salad and add in fresh cucumbers. It takes five minutes to make and it goes perfect with a burger on the grill.

Simply slice open a tomato and remove the seeds. Dice it up and put in a bowl with an equal amount of diced cucumber. Throw in a fourth of a sweet onion diced up.

Sprinkle with olive oil. Add a splash of red wine vinegar. Add salt and pepper, then stir.

Now for the final ingredient, add some love. Enjoy!

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